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[ Selling Post ] Princess Ai Manga and Much More!

Hi! I’m selling various manga because well… I’m honestly not into manga fandom much anymore.

I’ve got volumes 1 – 12 of Ouran High School Host Club, volumes 1 – 5 of Ultra Maniac, volumes 1 – 5 of Tramps Like Us, volumes 1 – 3 of Princess Ai (plus two compilation volumes) and various volumes of other manga titles.

I’m selling all the manga for $8CND each + $1.50CND for shipping/handling. If you want to purchase multiple volumes, the shipping will be anywhere from $3CND to $5CND.

If you're interested in purchasing any of the volumes please visit this link to go to the selling post.

different edition

hey all! I was just coming by to ask some questions. I recently purchased the Ai of Ailand comics (the full color strips book) and my interestin Princess Ai has resurfaced. I was actually asking about the three newer books of her released: 'Encounters' , The prism of Midnight Dawn and the ultimate edition. Does anyone have these? how do you like them? The different art style of encounters definitely intrigues me.

Broken Leash Music Video

It's finally been released! Only took what, 2 years? But the official Broken Leash music video is out!

Message from Milky:
Hey, everyone, here it finally is! Yeah, it's not the full anime movie that is taking way too long. In fact, this anime music video took way too long, but it's finally uploaded after all this hard work. I hope you guys like it. I'm really lucky to have been able to work with the amazing anime company Satelight in Tokyo, as well as the very talented VFX firm Menfond in Hong Kong, and an incredible crew of folks out in LA at the green-stage studio. Skye and the band Nuda did a great job, as well as the voice actors. So props all around. Anyways, I hope you have fun watching it. There are various hints to the upcoming Princess Ai stories, as well as what happened during the Second Revolution, and with King Sei before Ai-chan was born.

Broken Leash
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Hey. I haven't done an Ai-search in a while. It's been a long time since much has been released information and product wise. Here are just the few updates I've found!

Ai of Ai-Land, the comics from the newpapers, are going to be released in July.

Also Rumours from the otherside is out now. I'm not sure when it was released, I haven't read it, and I haven't seen it but I'm intrigued. Has anyone else read it?

Again I'm behind yes. These are updates from Milky about Ai from Jan 1st.

- Princess Ai manga sequel called Prism of the Midnight Dawn (yeah!)
- Princess Ai comic strip collection. All 182 strips!! (yup, that's 182. shit i'm tired).
- Princess Ai Broken Leash anime music video. Debuted at NY Anime Fair. Now getting ready for a 2008 DVD and online release, along with other music videos.
- Princess Ai soundtrack - all 8 songs in 2008!!


:] A sequel!? What? I'm excited, again. It's rumoured to be released in Fall.

xoxo, Alyssa